New Single crosses genres and seeks to inspire change.

Be the change you wish to see in the world” is a familiar quote attributed to the legendary Mahatma Gandhi. In the spirit of embodying the change one wishes to see, the title track, Be the Change, pulls from multiple genres. Always exploring and evolving his sound, Mark makes his biggest stretch yet, which speaks just to the ‘change’ that he hopes to inspire. He encourages the Jazz-ers, the Funk-ers, the Rockers, the Rappers, the Folksters; to all sing a new song!

Be the Change was Mark’s artistic response to feeling hopeless after the new administration took over. After all the progress we had made, after he had released To The People (his previous ‘social consciousness’ album) he felt hopeless; like his music didn't really matter in the world. After a few months of not knowing what to write, Mark decided to change his tone and blast some positivity in the world. Be The Change is that positive, purposeful, and joyful sound that followed.

markmusic_new 5.jpg
Mark Meadows